About Us

 Robert A.C. McDonald has  always been an entrepreneur and enjoyed creating businesses or participating in the financing and marketing of the same. He has held numerous licenses as required by the various provincial regulatory provincial bodies, including real estate, securities, commodities, life, and mortgage.

Through Sentron, a past Limited Market Dealer  in Ontario, he dealt in exempt market offerings and continues to offer consulting services .

Complimenting that service, he currently holds his mortgage license #: M13000900, specializing in all forms of commercial financing through Centum Alternative Mortgages Ltd.,  independently owned and operated, license #: 12018, Ontario,  Generally, clients are able to access many lenders through his network, which will compete for their business. 

Regardless of your financial pursuit,  Sentron is a good place to start. Assembling the right team for the many different types of projects is a vital part of his services.